ASA Group extends sponsorship agreement with Sarajevo Film Festival

ASA Group and Sarajevo Film Festival have signed a new three-year contract, confirming continuation of successful collaboration

Experience a Movie Story: Coca-Cola summer campaign for Sarajevo Film festival

Director is Oscar-winning Danis Tanović who used the shots of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the enchanting walk on the red carpet of Sarajevo Film Festival

As of this year open air cinema Obala Sarajevo carries the name Raiffeisen Open Air

Raiffeisen Bank has been the sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival since its beginnings

Forma Fashion Design Contest 2016

The most successful designer will be given a chance to present their design on the red carpet of this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevsko beer is exclusive sponsor of SFF

Sarajevo Brewery brand Sarajevsko is the first Bosnian and Herzegovinian beer brand to become an exclusive sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival

Coca-Cola and SFF: Support, partnership, proactivity

Just how highly successful the relationship between cultural-artistic events and corporations can be, is illustrated by the anniversary of the two-decades-long and extremely productive friendship between Coca-Cola and Sarajevo Film Festival

Gabrijela Kasapović: Everyone at Sarajevo Film Festival lives a wonderful dream

Even if it is just a dream, a smart man once told me that a community without its own utopia has no future, and a man who has lost the ability to dream has no reason to suffer life