Art Basel announces Buenos Aires as its first Art Basel City

The specific events of the announced partnership are still in the making, and the first one will take place in late 2017

To invest in art or not?

Many great artists owe their development and success to collectors/patrons, people who bought their works and thus enabled them to live from their work

Branko Franceschi: Almin Zrno knows exactly what he is doing!

His photographic documentation of three exhibitions set up at the Vijećnica, exhibitions by three great artists, Jannis Kounellis, Edo Murtić, and Braco Dimitrijević, is a parable about the siege and the war, their legacy and the reconstruction that followed

New Moment Gallery of Ideas – a magical place where art lives (and is lived)

New Moment Gallery was founded in 1995 within the eponymous marketing agency by its president, visionary and pioneer of advertising in the Balkans, Dragan Sakan