LifeWTR Imagines a World Where Half the World’s Art Work, Created by Women, Goes Missing

R/GA Chicago helps the brand champion female artists

Dock Culture Exhibition at the HDD gallery

On Wednesday, 12 July 2017, at 20:00h, HDD Gallery will open the Dock Culture exhibition, representing the eponymous project and initiative by architect Bojana Vuksanović

Culture needs PR, and vice versa

Silke Neumann, German PR expert, through the establishment of the agency Bureau N, merged her love of culture and communication. She is convinced that the task of culture is to bring people closer

Behind every successful manager is a powerful Board of Directors

The main question when selecting members of the board in cultural institutions should be: What can you do for the wellbeing of the institution?

Financial services and art sponsorship

An art sponsorship that helps students, fosters culture and enables meeting of businessmen. Win-win-win

Festival Perforacije opens tomorrow in Zagreb

From 14 to 20 of June, visitors of the festival will be treated with 5 premieres, 7 performances, the Night of Performances, a book fair…

Braco Dimitrijević: An artist takes on the world. They need someone solid

You don’t become an artist by studying or by force, you are born an artist. God has given a different talent to each of us

As of this year open air cinema Obala Sarajevo carries the name Raiffeisen Open Air

Raiffeisen Bank has been the sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival since its beginnings

“Laufer-Eugster Belgrade” – a new gallery of contemporary art opens in Belgrade

Founders of the gallery are two Swiss who live and work in Belgrade

Serbia, War and Posters: 1914-1918

A story of three posters, three authors and three campaigns to aid Serbia in the First World War

Horizon of Expectations

Tina Gverović and Marko Tadić will represent Croatia at the International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, with project Horizon of Expectations curated by Branka Benčić

Vedran Peršić: Jazz and Sberbank are a perfect couple

By sponsoring Sarajevo Jazz Fest we wish to support the organization of the festival and offer our clients in premium segment additional benefits through bonus tickets

msu ARt app and #KulturaZaSve

The biggest virtual setting of works from the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Belgrade enables you to enjoy the art of XX and XXI century

Petar Mirković: Drawings about Belgrade

An artist whose works found their way to Sotheby’s will present his new drawings at the New Moment Gallery

Cadillac’s Fashion and Film Exhibit Celebrates Iconic Calvin Klein Ads

A tribute to famed photographer Richard Avedon

Private art collections to be unveiled to the public as part of Private Art Kirchberg initiative

On 25 September, 11 companies will open their valuable collections to the public

Art Basel announces Buenos Aires as its first Art Basel City

The specific events of the announced partnership are still in the making, and the first one will take place in late 2017

Art&Business has sponsored the recording and production of a set of four CDs featuring Slovenia’s best young pianists

BeoExpo from Belgrade and Sarajevo agency Via Media contributed to the funds necessary for the implementation of this great project

European Career Center for Artists Triple Bridge Opens in Ljubljana

Education of young artists will include content such as marketing, digital media and communication trends, culture management and the like

Plamen Dejanoff: Carefully and commercially developed icon of contemporary art

Dejanoff is an artist who willingly accepts the strategies of consumerism, economics and marketing

Tate Modern: London’s Cathedral of Culture worth £260 Million

The Switch House. A ten-storey twisting pyramid designed by renowned Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron

Drawing by Petar Mirković at auction in Sotheby’s

Work by an artist from Novi Sad, represented by the Belgrade gallery New Moment, will be auctioned by the famous Sotheby’s

Karla Labaš: The most attractive things for the sponsors of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival are its high quality, tradition and exclusivity

The Festival can’t be viewed in isolation from the Croatian social context in which state support for culture and art is in constant decline

Art of dance with Grandissimo Tango

Belgrade audience had the opportunity to enjoy another ballet performance at the Belgrade Dance Festival, and after the show those present had the opportunity to experience the magic of the new Grandissimo ice cream

Inaugural ESA Arts Sponsorship Certificate Awarded To First Graduates

The course covers topics such as how sponsorship works, why the arts provides commercial opportunities for private sector funding and how to approach potential commercial corporate partners successfully

IEG 2016 – Disrupt: Grow your partnerships through reinvention

Legacy models of sponsorship no longer work, so the focus of this year’s conference will be on changes necessary for the success of sponsorship in the modern context

Dirty money and clean art

Are there any companies that are really flawless in their business and activities? Especially when it comes to the big, global, powerful corporations that are often the biggest sponsors of large cultural institutions and events

Can top young musicians compete with top athletes?

There are few pianists in the world who could “jump” further than Peter Prevc in reach and influence. Maybe the only one who could is Lang Lang, who is largely responsible for the fact that over 25 million young Chinese play piano today

Rijeka is the European Capital of Culture in 2020!

The total estimated budget of the project Rijeka 2020 is €30.3 million, part will be borne by the State, then City, sponsors and European funds

Sarajevo Brewery is the general sponsor of the National Theatre Sarajevo

The sponsorship contract was signed at the National Theatre by general manager of the Sarajevo Brewery Haris Kuskunović and acting director of the National Theatre, Marijela Margita Hašimbegović

Philharmonia Orchestra of New York literally serves a symphony on a plate

What does a symphony taste like? New Yorkers will be able to literally taste two symphonies thanks to a creative move by the Philharmonia Orchestra of New York

Music outside the concert hall

46th International competition of the Jeunesses Musicales Serbia

Baselworld 2016: Artistic watches struggle with time

A central global event in showcasing the industry of watches and jewelry was held in Switzerland, the Baselworld show

AT&T proudly presents the 15th Tribeca Film Festival

After the end of a twelve-year partnership between the American Express and the Tribeca Film Festival, the US telecommunications company AT&T became the title sponsor of the New York’s great film event

Forma Fashion Design Contest 2016

The most successful designer will be given a chance to present their design on the red carpet of this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival

Cooperation in culture as an added synergy effect for all parties involved

Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb always strives to adjust its collaboration with business partners to the specific needs of every individual sponsor

CERN/FACT issue call for artists for Collide Award

This is a call for artists interested in the cultural importance of science, as well as for pushing the traditional forms of collaboration between the artistic and scientific fields

“Divorce” between BP and Tate after 26 years

As the main reason behind the decision BP states “challenging business environment” rather than long lasting pressure of activists on Tate to end the sponsorship agreement with British Petroleum over climate change

Sarajevo gallery BlackBOX marks fifth birthday with exclusive catalog of prints

BlackBOX says their goal is to welcome the tenth birthday with at least five such catalogues

New exhibition at New Moment Gallery: Layers of Infinity

Renowned artist Gordan Nikolić, a regular professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, on 24 March at 19h, in the New Moment Gallery in Belgrade, will present his solo exhibition titled “Layers of Infinity”

Presence of a large number of women artists marks the Dubai Art Fair 2016

Sponsors of the leading art fair in the area of Middle East, Africa and South Asia are the investment company The Abraaj Group, Switzerland’s leading private banking group Julius Baer, and watchmaker Piaget

Damjan Pavlović: Exhibition of paintings from the Russian period from the AUTHENTIC series

Exhibition of paintings by Damjan Pavlović in Belgrade will open on 25 March at the cafe gallery PETAK

Damien Hirst: New Religion

With the New Religion exhibition Hirst wants to encourage us to think about the four important things in life: religion, love, art and science

Sponsorship of Milan’s Teatro alla Scala is a gift for BMW’s centenary

BMW Italia is in partnership with Teatro alla Scala since 2002, as the official car, and since 2005 it also has the role of the Official partner of the season’s opening night

TEFAF Maastricht: A collectors’ paradise in March

General sponsor of the TEFAF fair is AXA Art, a global art insurance company

Ilija Dimić – exhibition of paintings and constructions

The exhibition by academician Dušan Otašević was organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, in cooperation with the Foundation Collection Trajković, which keeps the largest number of Otašević’s works

Bret Easton Ellis directs Figaro ad for Paris Opera

Figaro does a handy job of conveying the comedic aspects of “The Barber of Seville” while illustrating the dramatic highs and lows that make opera so gripping

Google’s art of neuron networks

The worlds of art and technology merged for a moment in the Bay Area – there are not many art collectors in the Silicon Valley, and art galleries and fairs are in “vegetative” state

5 Ways to Market Your Art in Your Community

We bring you a text by Steff Metal, who shared 5 ways to offer your art in your local community. Don’t wory, he doesn’t advise you to partner with a political party, although in Balkans this would certainly be a highly profitable option

Snježana Pintarić: Without corporate investment it would be impossible to implement demanding exhibitions

Adris group helped print a large catalogue, Raiffeisen Bank and Dukat help implement educational programs, while for years now, Croatian Telekom has enabled MSU to regularly purchase recent art works

Sarajevsko beer is exclusive sponsor of SFF

Sarajevo Brewery brand Sarajevsko is the first Bosnian and Herzegovinian beer brand to become an exclusive sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevo Philharmonic: Reaching goals without improvisation

Culture of the highest aesthetic values enriches society, makes it better, brings harmony and balance

It’s softer with culture

…or cultural diplomacy as means of influence

UK National art collection now available to everyone

The website database already contains every artwork of oil on canvas that is publically owned by the country, which includes over 200,000 works

Raiffeisen student GALLERY

Every year, Raiffeisen Bank and the Academy of Fine Arts extend mutual cooperation through the signing of a Memorandum of further cooperation, accompanied by a joint exhibition of top students

Let’s hear the theatre

Theater plays for the deaf at the Belgrade Zvezdara Theatre

Selma Riđanović-Kenović: Culture is a pillar of sustainable social and economic growth

By investing in culture and the arts we wish to enrich our society, and encourage and strengthen the values of the common good

Robert Križmančič: I don’t know a single case where a brand is primarily communicated through cultural or art events

For me, from a design standpoint, the image of a city without a theater or film poster, without jumbo billboards announcing art exhibitions… it’s bloody non-urban. What are we left with? Ham on sale for only €1.69. Miserable!

Art on billboards of Bucharest

Bucharest International Biennale for Contemporary Art will use billboards for the first time to exhibit artworks

Ljubljana Festival of Documentary Film receives new visual identity

And the project that brought it was a collaboration between Europlakat, AFAD and Cankarjev Dom

Call for entries for Š.U.N.D. 2016 announced

Deadline for entries is 1 April 2016, and the Festival will be held in May 2016 in Belgrade

Letter from Ljubljana: Artists in the region should create their own market without political borders

Marketing agencies will have a key role in the partnership between art and business

A sponsorship fairytale: Where, pray tell, can we find the damned money, the money that corrupts creativity

The fairy godmother of Marketing: “I know the true path that will take you to sponsors quicker than all the others. But first, riddle me this: What is it you have, that the others need?”

Five reasons why corporate art is good for business

Art programs that a company supports give a lot of information about its tastes, its financial status… they talk about the companies’ relationship with the community, but also its attitude toward the correlation between business, design and art

To invest in art or not?

Many great artists owe their development and success to collectors/patrons, people who bought their works and thus enabled them to live from their work

Radovan Arnold: Lately we have seen considerable expansion in the promotion of cultural events

They are especially well represented in outdoor media and TV when TV stations are sponsors

New possibilities for young artists and cultural professionals in Serbia

With the support of donors, sponsors and numerous partners, initiative Creative Mentorship is implementing its third cycle in Serbia and offers free mentorship support for personal and professional development of leaders and talents in the field of arts and culture

Disney and Dali – architects of the art and entertainment industry

Walt Disney and Salvador Dali began their cooperation with the animated short film Destino, and although the film was unfinished during their lifetime, their friendship continued for life

The Inspirational Imagine Children’s Festival and the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl

The exhibition offers visitors a surreal experience of a magical journey through seven different worlds, which explore the life and most famous works of this author

Russian S7 Airlines as a stage for OK Go zero gravity video

In seven days on Facebook – a partner of the project – this video garnered 21 million views

Aja Jung and Dejan Turk: We go beyond the scope of contract clauses!

Successful companies live the values that they have established, so if you want to be recognized as a socially responsible company, it’s very important that you try to ensure that your activities truly follow your wishes

The future of the arts is in the hands of managers of cultural institutions

Artists are talented, but it is arts managers who create the conditions for those talents to grow, and for the art industry to survive

Letter from Belgrade: Culture policies and cooperation between economy and culture in Serbia

Support to culture and arts in Serbia is almost a 180 years long tradition

Slavimir Stojanović: All projects in the field of culture are a real delicacy for anyone who loves creative work

Since creativity is like a drug, more and more people from the communications industry tackles the idea of authorship and personal artistic expression, and that can be realized only on projects in the field of culture

Netscout and Werner Herzog: Guardians of the galaxy of the connected world

Under the creative instruction of the agency Pereira & O’Dell NY, the campaign of the company Netscout became a documentary called Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, by the biggest documentary maker of today, Werner Herzog

Max Mara celebrates women in art

This year’s winner of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women is London artist Emma Hart

Florian Scheiber: The orchestras in Switzerland were founded in the 19th century by influential citizens interested in the arts

My ideal would be that every orchestra member, when he goes to the supermarket, is recognised at the cashiers as a member of the orchestra; that musicians are really anchored in society, that people know them and that we establish an identity of being the St. Gallen orchestra that its citizens are proud of

The event with which Belgrade danced into the world’s festival elite

In 2012, German magazine “BalletTanz” marked the Belgrade Dance Festival as the “most representative dance event in the old continent” and the “dance trendsetter”

Boris Ljubičić: Even the culture is defined as left or right

Minutes-long inserts in daily TV news and general informative programs are at the level of decoration to the greyness of politics that dominates the entire media space

Stella Artois “buying” drinks to women from third world countries

Cooperation between Stella Artois and through art has so far changed the lives of over 290,000 people in developing countries, enabling them access to clean water

Good Practices: Siemens uses sponsorship to unite art, industry and society

Siemens’ International Arts Program, a special department established in 1987, is the cornerstone of Siemens’ activities in the field of cultural sponsorship

Samsung and Sundance Film Festival: Virtual reality at the door

Partnership between Samsung and Sundance Institute is a hint at the potentials of Virtual Reality in the future

A marriage of convenience or a perfect match?

If you wish to be an icon of your time like Steve Jobs, a rich and glamorous creator of new trends like Charles Saatchi, or if you wish to be remembered forever like Andrew Carnegie, learn from artists and invest in the arts

Coca-Cola and SFF: Support, partnership, proactivity

Just how highly successful the relationship between cultural-artistic events and corporations can be, is illustrated by the anniversary of the two-decades-long and extremely productive friendship between Coca-Cola and Sarajevo Film Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival at the epicentre of battle between new government and workers in culture

The festival can somehow do without the county mayor’s HRK360.000, but they can’t do without the state’s 4.5 million

When bad spots become Good Spots

A project for the integration of works of art into unknown urban areas

Balkan Photo Award 2015

After five years of existence, festival “Photography of the Year in BiH” has transformed into the Balkan Photo Festival

Sponsorship is a fine art

Having your brand associated with a prestigious cultural event can make business sense

How Radio saved the Opera, or the importance of revolution for the occurrence of evolution

Texaco Oil Company sponsored the Metropolitan Opera for a full 63 years. This sponsorship represents the longest media sponsorship in the history of electronic media

Nejc Kamplet: In every field, practice is the most important road to success

Of course I am inspired by many other things in life (like skiing, chess, flying, etc.), but none of that ever came close to my passion for the piano, the pleasure of playing at concerts and the achievements that follow

Kallaway Agency: Arts Sponsorship

For over 30 years, Kallaway has been creating some of the UK’s most loved sponsorship and PR campaigns across arts & culture, community, lifestyle and travel

Art&Business duo = a unique social spirit

When the going gets tough you’ve got to think outside the box

Two pianos project

New Classical music piece and music video created by two Slovenian famous jazz musicians Lojze and Kristian Krajnčan

The first London Lumiere – Festival of the art of light

From 14 to 17 January, the first Lumiere London was held, an event which aims to bring light to the gloomy days of January and show the city in a new light

Finnish embodiments of da Vinci’s Bosporus sketches

Leonardo da Vinci’s bridge made in ice, 514 years after the great master drew the sketch on paper

David Bowie is…

The Victoria & Albert Museum, better known among the Brits as the V&A, is the world’s leading museum of art and design, and David Bowie is the name all the eyes (and ears) of the world are focused on

In comparison to sport, sponsorship in culture and the arts is a particularly long-term instrument

We shouldn’t neglect what is entailed in the term ‘integrated market communication’. Those who sponsor winners, use that in advertising

Tea, carob, chocolates, a Fazioli piano, superb technique and a relaxed atmosphere

I’m proud that Paolo Fazioli personally helped me to choose a piano from his shop. He was never quite satisfied with the pianos he played. He combined all of his skills and his family tradition, and made what many believe to be the best piano in the world

Avatar’s new avatar – Show TORUK by Cirque du Soleil

After the December premiere in Montreal, the new Cirque du Soleil show “TORUK – The First Flight”, based on the film Avatar by James Cameron, will start its world tour these days

Taja Košir Popovič: A photograph has to embrace the viewer in emotion, and let them contemplate…

Photography became a daily activity for most of the people. It has lost its value and esteem